Beaches of Rio

I’m an expat Canuck living in Brazil and loving it. One of my favorite places is Macumba Beach, the last public beach in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Over 11 years ago I first saw Macumba Beach and the first time noticed a mountain road going along the bottom of the rain forest, across the river inlet from the beach, it was the most romantic looking road because it rounds the corner on the side of a rock promontory and goes out of sight, for me the first time I saw it I wanted to go down that road to explore the fabled tropical beaches that lay beyond that last beach in Rio. It was about 5 years until I arrived back at Macumba Beach and this time I was ready to explore the region, and now 6 years later I’m still discovering cool things to see beyond Macumba Beach and in the marvelous city of Rio de Janeiro.
Please drop by often

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