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Serra da Balanca Brazil

Challenging Your Dreams – Overlanding Brazil

Grace Downey, a Physical Education teacher from Sao Paulo was involved with scouting since her childhood, she hooked-up with Robert Ager, from London,  he also taught Physical Education (except in England) until deciding to move to Brazil in 1995. They shared a dream and a challenge because independently they had both always loved traveling and […]

Tijuca National Park, photo by Alberto Peterson

Tijuca National Park

In 1961, Tijuca Forest was declared a National Park and a Brazil Federal Conservation Area. Tijuca Forest is a true oasis within the city of Rio de Janeiro. The preservation of the Tijuca National Park is critical to maintaining quality of life in the city, this is the largest urban forest in the world and […]

Silicon Palms

I’ve spent too much of my lifetime in pursuit of money, and not enough time in pursuit of beauty. The web design company I founded on 9/9/99 called Silicon Palms has enabled me to learn everything I needed to know about Internet communications and online marketing, as well as provide me with the financial resources […]