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Challenging Your Dreams – Overlanding Brazil

Land Rover Defender 130 - Overlanding Brazil

Land Rover Defender 130 – Overlanding Brazil

Grace Downey, a Physical Education teacher from Sao Paulo was involved with scouting since her childhood, she hooked-up with Robert Ager, from London,  he also taught Physical Education (except in England) until deciding to move to Brazil in 1995. They shared a dream and a challenge because independently they had both always loved traveling and adventure. Once they realized that they had the same dream to drive around the world, it was not long before they decided to do something about it. You’ll be astounded to learn about this epic accomplishment and grand vision for the future.

It really doesn’t matter what your dream is, what’s important is to keep on believing . . . . . .

The story is told at “A World Adventure” now on exhibit in São Paulo at the Cultura Inglesa in Itaim, where it will stay until the end of February.

Exhibit Details

Exhibition “A World Adventure”
Location: Cultura Inglesa Itaim
Address: R. Leopoldo Couto de Magalhães Jr, 748 – Itaim Bibi
City: São Paulo – SP
Contact: (11) 3168-9800
Date: 17 to 31 Jan 2014

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When making these overland Brazil voyages, most of the time, Grace and Roger will be camping and living a simple outdoor life, consuming little energy, most of which can be replaced by a good day’s driving and an efficient battery system. They are also looking at the feasibility of using solar power as a healthier source of energy.

However, they realize that driving a large 4×4 is not the most environmentally friendly of activities. Therefore, working with the Excelsa Institute, they have come up with the concept of a Greener Trail.

Together, they will estimate the environmental impact of the trip and of producing their next book. Instead of just calculating what they need to do to neutralize their impact and leave a zero footprint, they actually want to contribute more and leave a positive footprint. In other words leave the trail greener than before.

To do this, they will invest in some of Excelsa’s sustainable community based projects in the Itacoatiara region of Amazonas. During the trip, they will visit the area and hopefully participate in some of the activities themselves.

In this way, not only will they leave a greener trail behind them, but maybe also encourage others to do the same.

Facts & Figures about the Overland Brazil Adventure

Some facts and figures about the adventure.

Departure Date: 26-dec-2009
Arrival Date: 8-dec-2010
Days on the Road: 348
Nights Camping: 169
Nights in Hotels: 94
Nights with Friends: 85


Total Km: 44339
Average Km per Day: 127,41
Maximum Km in 1 Day: 812
Tarmac: 37782
Off-road: 6557


Total: 5577,54
Km per Litre (average): 8,02
Cheapest Diesel: R$1,82
Most Expensive Diesel: R$2,45


Daily Average: R$141,34
Monthly Average: R$4240,06


Highest Altitude: 2891 – Pico da Bandeira, MG
Maximum Temperature: 53,0°C – Casa Nova, BA
Minimum Temperature: 8,0°C – Monte Roraima, RR
Police Stops: 16
National Parks Visited: 23
State Parks Visited: 21
Tyre Problems: 1

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