Prainha (Barra da Tijuca)

Prainha of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Prainha of Rio de Janeiro

It may sound ludicrous but for a person to have seen more beaches, in a lifetime, would have to be a professional surfer or a live aboard a yacht. I’ve been all over the world and seen some amazing ocean frontage but nothing can compare to Prainha. My friends here in Brazil chastise me for saying that because, they say, I’ve not seen the other 3,000+ kms of beach. In my defense, as they may be right and find a place I like more, the factors are the quality of the beach, the rainforest, the access to luxury or simplicity, the free services (great park with trails and washrooms, across the road from the beach) but the clincher is that the drive back to Rio is 40 minutes of bliss, along Barra da Tijuca. I love Rio!

Prainha is a beach in the region of Barra da Tijuca in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It has narrow strip of sand between the massive white boulders and the Atlantic Ocean. It is one of the most popular beaches to practice surfing.

The neighboring district of Grumari is bordered by Guanabara road, which is the only access route to the beach, walking along its entire length. The area is part of EPA – Environmental Protection Area Prainha, a permanently protected forest area and thus it is forbidden to build any construction beyond the existing structures that serve to maintain the area and service to patrons, especially surfers .